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July 20, 2023

Hong Kong films featured at Fantasia International Film Festival

The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO) is supporting the screening of six Hong Kong films at the 2023 Fantasia International Film Festival, being held from July 20 to August 9 in Montreal. In particular, the movie “White Storm 3: Heaven or Hell” directed by Herman Yau had its Canadian premiere on the film festival’s opening night on July 20.

Speaking before the screening of “White Storm 3: Heaven or Hell”, the Director of HKETO, Ms Emily Mo, briefed the audience that Hong Kong has over a century of history in movie making. “Hong Kong is a city full of creativity,” Ms Mo said. “It is a leading film-making centre in Asia.”

Ms Mo remarked that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has been very supportive of the development of Hong Kong film industry. “We finance the production of small-to-medium budget films, provide funding support for the industry to attend film festivals overseas, and subsidise training programmes to help nurture young directors and scriptwriting talent for the industry,” she said.

Ms Mo added that new initiatives have been introduced to promote Hong Kong-Asian film collaboration and content development for streaming platforms. Various government-funded films have made their way to international film festivals.

Noting that people in Hong Kong and Canada share a love for movies, Ms Mo explained that Hong Kong films are ambassadors connecting Hong Kong with the world. HKETO will continue to support Hong Kong films to participate in various international film festivals held in Canada, including Fantasia.

The other Hong Kong films at the Festival included “Mad Fate”, “The Sparring Partner”, “God of Cookery”, “My Heart Is That Eternal Rose” and “A Chinese Ghost Story”.

July 20, 2023


香港駐多倫多經濟貿易辦事處(香港經貿處)支持六部香港電影於七月二十日至八月九日在滿地可舉行的2023 Fantasia國際電影節放映。電影節於七月二十日開幕,由邱禮濤執導的電影《掃毒3:人在天涯》在加拿大的首映特別在當晚舉行。