Invest Hong Kong

Invest Hong Kong is the government department created to encourage and facilitate overseas business to set up and expand in Hong Kong. We have teams of business specialists in Canada and Hong Kong dedicated to assist you to advance your business plan in Hong Kong and beyond.  

Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a highly dynamic city that serves as the perfect platform into the Mainland of China and Asia. It is a business friendly city with a multitude of advantages to ensure businesses can flourish. International companies choose Hong Kong as their home for these reasons:
• A supportive government
• Premier business hub in Asia
• Low, simple and competitive tax system
• Multicultural talent pool
• Open business environment
• Vibrant city living
• World class infrastructure

Why InvestHK

Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) offers a wide range of customised services, free of charge to help companies to advance their business plan.

Planning stage

  • Sector-specific business opportunities
  • Tax and business regulations  
  • Employment legislation
  • Immigration and visa requirement
  • Networking opportunities
  • Business incorporation procedures
  • Cost of business models
  • Recruitment
  • Trademark registration and trade regulations

Set up stage

  • Identify right business service and product providers
  • Advice on work visa application and employment issues
  • Government department liaison on license application
  • Advice on settling in Hong Kong - housing, healthcare, education, social networking

Launching stage

  • PR and media support
  • Distribute joint press release on government newswire
  • Feature your business in our publications
  • Invest Hong Kong directorate to attend launch events and opening ceremonies

Expansion stage

  • Business networking opportunities
  • Business matching
  • Advice on Hong Kong government initiatives and grants
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