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February 5, 2024

HKETO presents Mahjong tile making exhibition to celebrate the Year of the Dragon

The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO) presents an exhibition on the Mahjong Tile Making Technique, one of the Intangible Cultural Heritage inventory of Hong Kong, in Toronto to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

At the annual Fete Chinoise Signature Event 2024 held on February 3 in Toronto, Mr Cheung Shun-king from Hong Kong, known as Uncle King, was invited to demonstrate this traditional craftsmanship. His exquisite skills and the hand-carving of Chinese characters on the tiny mahjong tiles astonished hundreds of guests at the gala.

The Director of the HKETO, Ms Emily Mo, welcomed Uncle King to show his skills at the remarkably curated exhibition booth. “Mahjong playing is an incredibly popular game among all generations in Hong Kong - almost a must-do activity during the Chinese New Year to connect family members from the elderly to their young kins,” she said.

“Hand-crafting Mahjong tiles has been inscribed onto the ‘Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2014 for it holds a significant cultural importance.”

Mahjong tiles, which are traditionally made of wood, ivory or bamboo plates, are now made of plastic. The making process involves cutting the tiles, polishing the tiles, carving and colouring.

“Uncle King, as a one of the very few masters of hand-making Mahjong tiles, shows us how it takes time, patience and expertise to create this unique form of arts which cannot be replaced by machine-made mahjong. Every piece of works reflects the master’s incredible skills,” Ms Mo added.

Capturing tradition in a refreshing light, the annual Fête Chinoise Signature Event celebrates the Chinese New Year in Canada to showcase the essence of Chinese culture and heritage. The HKETO is a special activation sponsor of the Toronto gala.

February 5, 2024



來自香港的張順景(人稱「景叔」)獲邀於二月三日在多倫多舉行的Fete Chinoise 2024年度農曆新年活動上親自示範這項傳統功藝。其精湛技術,在細小的麻將牌上精雕細啄刻上中文字,令在場數百名嘉賓歎為觀止。





Fête Chinoise年度農曆新年活動在加拿大以嶄新方式呈現中國文化和傳統的精髓,香港經貿處是多倫多晚會的特別贊助單位。