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July 6, 2023

HKETO Director promotes Hong Kong’s business digitization opportunities to Canadian entrepreneurs

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO), Ms Emily Mo, joined the “Digitize your Business: Grow your Global Presence via Online Marketplace” webinar co-organized by the HKETO, Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Hong Kong-Chinese Business Association (Toronto Section) (HKCBA) and Burnaby Board of Trade on July 6.  

At the webinar, participants gained insights into the opportunities of cross-border e-commerce through Hong Kong and explored how Canadian companies can leverage HKTDC’s online marketplace to expand their internationals sales.

In her welcome remarks, Ms Mo remarked that digitalization has become paramount in the rapidly evolving global economy. Hong Kong’s unique characteristics and strategic advantages make it an ideal destination for Canadian businesses to thrive in the digital realm.

“Hong Kong boasts a highly developed and efficient digital infrastructure,” Ms Mo said.  “The city’s cutting-edge technology infrastructure, reliable internet connectivity and robust cybersecurity measures consolidate a secure and reliable platform for Canadian companies to conduct their digital business operations, making Hong Kong an ideal hub for digital trade.”

In addition, Hong Kong’s strategic geographical location also plays a pivotal role in its success as a digital trade hub.  “Situated at the heart of Asia and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong serves as a gateway to Mainland China and the broader Asia-Pacific region, which form the global economic engine offering the fast-growing middle-class consumer clusters,” Ms Mo continued.  “By establishing a digital presence in Hong Kong, Canadian businesses can tap into the immense growth potential of these markets and connect with consumers and businesses across Asia.”

Before closing, Ms Mo refreshed participants that HKTDC has launched its online sourcing platform for over twenty years.  “With the support from the Canada Digital Adoption Programme, this is the right time for Canadian companies to harness the immense potential of the digital world to tap into an international market through Hong Kong’s well established online marketplace,” Ms Mo noted.  

The webinar, moderated by the First Vice President of HKCBA, Ms Teresa Tazumi, was also joined by other panellists including President and CEO of Burnaby Board of Trade, Mr Paul Holden; Head of InvestHK (Canada), Christopher Chen; Marketing Manager of HKTDC (Canada), Ms Adrienne Ho; President of HKCBA, Mr Joseph Chaung; and Managing Director of Synic Software, Mr Charles Tong.

July 6, 2023







最後,巫菀菁向與會者介紹香港貿發局推出網上採購平台已逾廿年,經驗豐富。她表示:「隨著加拿大政府設立『加拿大數碼化推廣計劃』(Canada Digital Adoption Programme)為企業提供支援服務,加拿大公司正好把握數碼世界的龐大商機,通過香港完善的網上商貿平台進軍國際市場。」

網上研討會由港加商會(多倫多分會)第一副會長畢美莉主持,其他專題嘉賓包括本拿比商會會長暨首席行政總監Paul Holden 、香港投資推廣署加拿大辦事處投資推廣總監陳立智、香港貿發局駐加拿大市務經理市務經理何洛怡、港加商會(多倫多分會)會長莊桂華及Synic Software行政總監Charles Tong。