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February 9, 2022

HKETO Director promotes cybersecurity and fintech opportunities to Canadian entrepreneurs

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO), Ms Emily Mo, joined the "Cybersecurity and Fintech - A Symbiotic Success" webinar hosted by Hong Kong-Canada Business Association (Montreal Section) (HKCBA) on February 9.  This webinar aimed to promote Hong Kong as the desired destination for Canadian entrepreneurs to expand their businesses to the mainland China and Asian markets.

In her welcome remarks, Ms Mo noted Hong Kong is an international financial centre and the city’s financial institutions and technology companies have been enjoying great flexibility to develop fintech solutions before the pandemic. “And after these two special years, we can tell that fintech is a key growth engine for the financial industry in the post-pandemic era,” she continued.

Ms Mo moved on to reiterate the business advantages of Hong Kong and highlight the optimistic prospects for the city as affirmed by China's National 14th Five-Year Plan.  “The Plan supports Hong Kong’s continued expansion as an international financial centre, develop into an international innovation and technology hub as well as deepen and widen the connections between the financial markets of Hong Kong and the mainland of China,” Ms Mo said.

“Besides, the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area presents tremendous opportunities for overseas including Canadian companies,” Ms Mo continued.

Ms Mo pointed out that in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority also developed a “Fintech 2025” strategy to encourage the financial sector to adopt technology comprehensively by 2025.  “The five focus areas are 1) All banks go fintech; 2) Future-proofing Hong Kong for Central Bank Digital Currencies; 3) Creating the next-generation data infrastructure; 4) Expanding the fintech-savvy workforce; and 5) Nurturing the ecosystem with funding and policies,” Ms Mo elaborated.

Before closing, Ms Mo briefly refreshed participants on the cross-boundary initiatives connecting the capital markets of Hong Kong and the Mainland China and encouraged Canadian entrepreneurs to grasp the abundant opportunities to expand their businesses to Asia through Hong Kong.  

The webinar, moderated by Head of Invest Hong Kong in Canada Mr Christopher Chen, was also joined by other panellists including President and CEO of 01 Communique Laboratory Inc and IronCAP Mr Andrew Cheung,  Director, Wealth Management of The Horwood Team Mr John Horwood, President & General Manager of Cybereco Mr Marcel Lebelle and CEO of OwlGaze Mr Ralph Chammah.

February 9, 2022


香港駐多倫多經濟貿易辦事處(香港經貿處)處長巫菀菁於二月九日參與由港加商會(滿地可分會)舉辦的「網絡安全及金融科技 – 互建成功」網上研討會。該研討會旨在推廣香港是加拿大企業擴展業務至中國內地及亞洲市場的理想目的地。






網上研討會由香港投資推廣署多倫多辦事處投資推廣總監陳立智主持,其他專題講者包括 01 Communique Laboratory Inc 及IronCAP總裁暨首席行為總監Andrew Cheung、The Horwood Team財富管理總監John Horwood、Cybereco總裁暨總經理Marcel Lebelle及OwlGaze首席行為總監Ralph Chammah。