HKETO Newsroom

March 18, 2024

HKETO Director encourages young Canadian talents to consider Hong Kong as their next destination

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO), Ms Emily Mo, joined the 2024 iPitch Competition hosted by the Junior Hong Kong-Canada Business Association (McGill Chapter) in Montreal on March 15. Through this annual competition supported by HKETO and Invest Hong Kong in Canada (InvestHK), participating university students pitched their business ideas in teams to win a prize.

Addressing the event virtually, Ms Mo noted that Hong Kong, being a leading world-class city and one of the world’s most competitive economies, has been the soft landing pad for Canadians going to Asia. She said that under the “one country, two systems”, Hong Kong enjoys a special role to have its own legal, immigration and business systems. Hong Kong also has its own sets of talent attraction schemes.

Ms Mo stressed that the people and business ties between Canada and Hong Kong are significant.  “About 400,000 Canadians are currently living in Hong Kong. They never have problem in coping with the language and culture when settling down there,” she added.    

In addition, there are over a hundred Canadian companies, ranging from major banks and insurers to small-and-medium enterprises including start-ups. “They are very eager to have fellow Canadians to join their force,” Ms Mo said. “Young people’s remuneration, opportunities and career ladders are very attractive in Hong Kong, especially the exposure to international companies and markets.”

In terms of the variety of entertainment and leisure options as well as its unique connectivity to other Asian cities, Ms Mo remarked that Hong Kong is also a gem to live and visit. She encouraged young Canadian talents to grasp the opportunities and consider Hong Kong as their next destination.

At the meeting, the Deputy Head of Business and Talent Attraction of InvestHK, Ms Grace Lau, briefed the participating students on the latest developments of Hong Kong and the different support available locally and in Hong Kong.  

In addition, the University of Toronto’s Cantonese Debate Club will resume its annual Debate Competition on March 23 after the pandemic. The HKETO will be a major supporter of the competition.

March 18, 2024