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April 17, 2023

HKETO Director presents Best Asia Pacific Business Award at 2023 ACCE Awards Gala

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO), Ms Emily Mo, attended the 2023 Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs (ACCE) Awards Gala on April 15 and presented the Best Asia Pacific Business Award.

Speaking at the opening of the Awards Gala, Ms Mo remarked that 2023 is a special year for Canada and Hong Kong as both places are making remarkable recovery from the COVID challenges.

“Hong Kong has a role in the international environment changes which present new opportunities in the ASEAN and the Gulf region,” Ms Mo said. “Under the ‘one country, two systems’, Hong Kong is the only place in the world where the global advantages from the West and the East come together in a single city. Hong Kong will continue to play its role to facilitate global business collaboration.”

Ms Mo said that Hong Kong as an international financial centre is enhancing its role as a world-class fund-raising platform. Its capitalisation reached US$4.6 trillion at the end of last year. “With the launch of different ‘Connect Schemes’ between mainland China and Hong Kong which bring together the capital markets and investors of the mainland China and the world, Hong Kong has much to offer for the financial co-operation between Canada, Indo-Pacific and well beyond,” she said.  

“Another close Canada-Hong Kong connection is our common goal to develop green economy,” Ms Mo continued. Hong Kong is Asia’s first in green financing, with green and sustainable debts issued or arranged reached US$57billion in 2021. “While Canadian government sets a key priority on green economy in its latest Budget, Canadian companies thriving in this area may also look for funding and scale-up opportunities in Hong Kong,” she added.

Before closing, Ms Mo said that with the resumption of free travel this year, HKETO looks forward to bringing more Hong Kong related events and speakers to Canada, such as a Hong Kong-based unicorn to share the latest I&T and Web3 developments in Hong Kong later this year. With the opening of borders, she looked forward to facilitating an ACCE delegation to visit Hong Kong to experience the city’s business vibrancy.  

HKETO has been sponsoring the Best Asia Pacific Business Award since its inception in 2010. The award recognises those entrepreneurs who have made a business success by using Hong Kong as a platform for their business expansion to the Asia Pacific region.

The 2023 ACCE's Best Asia Pacific Business Award was given to the Founder and Business Development Director of Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes, Mr Benson Lau. Specialising in handcrafted Japanese soufflé pancakes with an array of toppings & café drinks, the Hong Kong-based company is gearing up to expand to different cities in Canada and internationally with locations in Shenzhen, Manchester, Paris, Texas, Orlando and more.

April 17, 2023









創業協進會加拿大傑出華裔創業家2023「最佳亞太貿易獎」得獎者是Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes創辦人暨業務發展總裁劉京翰。該公司同時以香港作基地,專售配料多樣化的日式手工梳乎里班戟及咖啡店飲品,並正大力拓展業務至加拿大不同城市和世界各地,包括深圳、曼徹斯特、巴黎、德州及奧蘭多等。