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August 14, 2023

Cantonese musical and Hong Kong film productions featured at 2023 Hong Kong Week

The original Cantonese musical performances of “Button of Love” brought an extra-ordinary enjoyment to Canadian audience on the summer weekend.

The play had its maiden stage in Toronto on August 12, to be followed by its next stops at Calgary in September and Vancouver in November.

Written by noted Hong Kong Canadian director Peter Poon, the musical drama featured a number of Hong Kong talents, including famous singer Andrew Cheung. It integrates Cantonese into the performance mode of Western musicals, bringing drama enthusiasts a brand-new experience of East-meets-West.

Co-presented by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) and a Canadian cultural group, DramaOne Canada, the musical is one of the highlights of the 2023 Hong Kong Week programme. The HKETO is currently hosting the 2023 Hong Kong Week themed “Hello Hong Kong” until the end of September to feature Hong Kong’s new strengths, promising economic prospects and fresh cultural vision.

Another signature event of the 2023 Hong Kong Week is the screening of Hong Kong productions at film festivals, including award-winning Hong Kong movie “The Sunny Side of the Street”, which had its premiere in Toronto on August 11 at the opening night of the 4th Mulan International Film Festival.

The movie, directed by Hong Kong Director Lau Kok-rui, earned wide recognition from international film festivals for its leading actor, new performer and original screenplay, etc.

Supported by the HKETO, the festival also presents six other Hong Kong productions, including Boat People, Dragon Inn, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, A Touch of Zen, Ashes of Time Redux (35mm Film) and Havana Divas (World Premiere) from August 11 to August 20 to Canadian movie-goers.

A virtual photography exhibition on the beautiful landscapes of Canada is also being held online, featuring Hong Kong young award-winning photographer Kelvin Yuen. The HKETO supported Mr Yuen’s photography journey last year with an aim to enhance the cultural exchanges between Canada and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is determined to be an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange, a spokesman for the HKETO said. “The selection of cultural programmes of the 2023 Hong Kong Week showcases Hong Kong’s special privileges as an international hub for cultural and creative industries with enormous opportunities,” he added.

“With its unique status and strengths under ‘one country, two systems’, Hong Kong will continue to be a melting pot of Chinese and Western cultures with extensive international connections.”

Other activities of the 2023 Hong Kong Week include art exhibition and national business conference to be held in different Canadian cities. Details of the 2023 Hong Kong Week can be found on the event’s dedicated webpage at

August 14, 2023