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What Canadians Say About Hong Kong

Let’s hear what these Canadians have to say about Hong Kong:

“Hong Kong is famous for its fashion sense and trends. People from around the region, especially those from Mainland China, are travelling to Hong Kong to see the latest trends in the market …. In planning our expansion strategies into Asia, we realized that Hong Kong is the ideal starting point …”

Martin Ku,
International Brand Director of ALDO
March 2013

“Hong Kong offers unparalleled transportation convenience to all key regional and intercontinental markets as well as a business gateway to Mainland China.”

Bruce Wells,
President of Vision Critical Asia (a B.C.-based market research group)
February 2013

“Canada and Hong Kong have long enjoyed diverse and friendly relations built on strong people-to-people and commercial ties. In 2011, Hong Kong was the second most popular Asian destination among Canadian travellers, with more than 200,000 Canadians visiting that year. Hong Kong is Canada’s tenth-largest export market and also boasts one of the largest Canadian communities abroad, with almost 300,000 Canadian citizens living and working there.”

Diane Ablonczy,
Canada’s Minister of State of Foreign Affairs
January 2013

“Working from Hong Kong’s straight-forward and fast business environment makes a huge difference. There is nowhere else in the world where you can get things done as fast as you can in Hong Kong. The work ethic there is eternally impressive.”

Eric J. Gerritsen,
Neverblue (a B.C.-based digital marketing firm)
December 2012

“The major attraction for Hong Kong as your logistics hub to/from Southeast Asia is connectivity, continuous improvement, reliability and experience. Hong Kong has the know-how and willingness to succeed attitude Canadians require to successfully move goods into and out of Southeast Asia.”

Robert Armstrong,
President of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport
August 2012

“China has been playing a vital role towards the global economic development and Hong Kong has all the favorable conditions being a part of it.”

Dr. Janet De Silva, Dean of Richard Ivey School of Business/Asia,
The University of Western Ontario
September 2011

“Think Hong Kong rather than Panama. Canada should make full use of its longest, deepest and most profound people-to-people ties with Asia. Hong Kong is Asia’s most Canadian city, and Vancouver is the most Asian city outside of Asia.”

Yuen-pau Woo, President and CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
December 2010

“I can confidently say that I have personally seen and experienced what the Hong Kong Chinese have been able to achieve in Hong Kong, and what they have done, and continue to do, to help China economically and socially.”

Senator Vivienne Poy, the Senate of Canada
March 2010

“Low taxes, a reliable, predictable legal system, good living conditions, a strong financial services sector, and world class transportation and logistics all combine to make Hong Kong an essential part of the China strategy for many businesses. Dozens of Canadian companies have a presence there, and Canadian direct investment now totals some 6 billion dollars. Accordingly the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is the largest, and most active, outside of Canada.”

David Emerson, Former Canada International Trade Minister
March, 2009

“I was quite surprised by the mountains surrounding Hong Kong, even though I’d seen so much of them in photos and research for the trip. The amount of green space still caught me off guard. One of the other first impressions, this one not a surprise, was the fact that in Hong Kong they build up. As compared to the way we’ve built out in Canada. Towering apartment buildings or condos, of all shapes and even colours (like purple and green) greet you in clusters wherever the topography allows it.”

Amy Terrill, Editor of Ventures blog, Ontario Chamber of Commerce
January 2009

“I’ve been to Hong Kong several times, and although the vibrant city with all its unique pleasures is the region’s main attraction, I also recommend a day or more away from the city bustle. So much of Hong Kong is green, with wonderful views, and who could ask for a lovelier sight than the shimmering South China Sea dotted with deserted islands?”

Ann Wallace, Travel Scoop
September 2008

“From tea-houses to floating seafood restaurants, there are over 70,000 places to eat, and top-tier shopping is a breeze. After all, how many cities boast eight Pradas, six Chanels, eight Farragamos, nine Guccis and six Louis Vuittons.”

“The 360-degree view from Victoria Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island, is unsurpassed. Standing on top of The Peak, your feet may be touching the ground, but you will feel as high as the clouds. Surrounding greenery, coupled with the view of the harbor through the skyscrapers, helps us visualize how the area appeared before the era of the grand architecture.”

Caroline Tapp-McDougall, Homefront magazine
Summer 2008

“I love Hong Kong; it is a city that never fails to send me home with suitcases and a diary full of design inspiration and direction.”

Cheryll Gillespie, The Edmonton Sun
August 2008

“This place is even more crazy and urban than imagination would allow me to expect. One thing that struck me the first night was that many of these skyscrapers crowded together outside my 14th floor window were in almost complete darkness. It is a contrast to North American cities, where city lights never seem to go out, at least in the downtown core. I asked our main tour guide Bob Howlett about it and he replied that many of the buildings are apartments and people economize on energy costs. He then told me that when they were filing the newest Batman movie here, people were asked to keep their lights on at night during the film shoot to make the skyline more spectacular. The general response was “you pay for it, and we will do it.” The food so far is outstanding. In the block around the hotel are more restaurants than in all of the Dunbar neighborhood in Vancouver where I live.”

On-line blog at www.gaitpost.com,
Karen Robinson, equestrian journalist
March 11, 2008  

“Hong Kong leveraged all those advantages to become a very successful trade and business centre in Asia. Since the late 1970s as China gradually introduced a market-based economy, Hong Kong has adapted its core strengths to change with the times. During that transition, it moved most of its production plants over the border into the neighboring Pearl River Delta, housing its business and financial service providers in gleaming office towers. On the political side, after the 1997 handover to China, it has moved more smoothly than many expected from being a British colonial territory to a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China.”

Canadian Transportation & Logistics,
Ken Mark, freelance writer
September 2007

“My first trip there was twenty years ago, when I was the first Minister in the newly elected Mulroney government to visit Hong Kong. I saw many things during my short visit, but the impression that lasted was of millions of people living in an area not much larger than my constituency whose only resources were geography and ingenuity, but who had become world leaders in a wide range of areas. It left me feeling that, if Canadians could combine the advantages that come from our natural bounty and diverse population with the creativity and work ethic that typify Hong Kong, the result would be a world-beater.”

Speech of the Hon. Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
at the Hong Kong Parliamentary Breakfast Meeting on May 18, 2006

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