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May 18, 2018

Toronto ETO stages “Hong Kong: Asia’s World City” roving exhibition across Canada

The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (Toronto ETO) will stage a roving exhibition entitled “Hong Kong: Asia’s World City” in different cities across Canada from May to October. The roving exhibition will showcase Hong Kong to members of the Canadian public the achievements in areas such as economic development, innovation and technology, transport and infrastructure and arts and culture, as well as the beauty of its natural environment.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the roving exhibition in the Greater Toronto Area being held at the Markham Civic Centre today (May 18, Toronto time), the Director of the Toronto ETO, Miss Kathy Chan, said the roving exhibition provides an opportunity for the Canadian public to learn more about Hong Kong, especially some little-known facts about Asia’s world city.

She noted that Hong Kong is an international economic and trade hub, and is also one of the world’s three most important financial centres together with London and New York. “Hong Kong has been able to achieve this thanks to its unparalleled business advantages, including a free and open economy, rule of law, a level playing field, a simple tax system, clean and efficient government as well as a vast pool of professional talent,” she said.

But Hong Kong is not just an excellent place for doing business - Hong Kong has more to offer. “Though Hong Kong has as many as 7.39 million people, the population is highly concentrated. Of the some 1 100 square kilometres of land, about three quarters of land is occupied by green countryside and about 40 per cent has been designated as country parks or special areas for conservation of our rich bio-diversity,” Miss Chan said. There are also many hiking trails in the country parks, which are just a stone’s throw away from urban areas. “Among Hong Kong’s great variety of landscapes, outstanding examples include the Hong Kong Geopark, where amazing rock formations formed hundreds of millions of years ago render it a member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Global Geoparks Network, as well as the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay area, which is among Asia’s most important habitats for migratory water birds in winter,” she added.

Apart from its beautiful nature, Hong Kong is also a vibrant arts and cultural hub. “More than 8 600 performances are held in Hong Kong every year, featuring the creative works of local arts bodies as well as visiting art troupes, attracting audiences in the millions,” Miss Chan said. To advance the city as an international cosmopolitan of arts and culture, Hong Kong is pushing ahead with the development of the West Kowloon Cultural District, which will include a number of museums and world-class performing arts venues. Of them, the Xiqu Centre, which is dedicated to the promotion of Cantonese opera and other forms of traditional Chinese theatre, will be commissioned later this year.

Miss Chan invited guests at the opening ceremony to find out more about Hong Kong’s latest developments by visiting the exhibition.

Today’s opening ceremony was also attended by Senator of the Parliament of Canada Mr Victor Oh; Member of Parliament of Canada Ms Mary Ng, the Mayor of the City of Markham, Mr Frank Scarpitti, and councillors from Markham, Vaughan and Richmond Hill.

Before the opening ceremony came to a close, the guests were treated to a Chinese instrumental performance by erhu master Linlin Wang, who is a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, together with two Canadian masters of the guzheng and yangqin.

The roving exhibition will run from May to October in various cities across Canada. The tentative dates and venues are listed below:

May 18 to 24 Markham Civic Centre
June 14 to 19 Vancouver Public Library
June 18 to 24 Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library of the University of Toronto
Late July/Early Aug Aberdeen Centre in Richmond
August 20 to 26 Cadillac Fairview Mall in Toronto
August 27 to 31 Toronto City Hall
September 11 to 17 Vaughan City Hall
Early October McMaster University in Hamilton

May 18, 2018





  然而,香港並不止是理想的營商地方。陳納思表示:「香港人口多達739萬,兼且十分密集。但在約1 100平方公里的土地中,約四分之三為綠色郊野,而約四成更被劃為郊野公園或特別保育地區。」香港的郊野公園有不少遠足徑,與市區僅咫尺之距。陳納思續說:「香港亦有很豐富的地貌,其中最獨特的例子為香港地質公園,其岩層的形成已具數億年歷史,為聯合國教科文組織世界地質公園網絡一員。另外,米埔內后海灣濕地亦是亞洲最重要供候鳥在冬季棲息之地。」

  除了美麗的自然環境,香港也是充滿活力的藝術文化勝地。陳納思表示:「每年本地和訪港藝術團體在香港共舉行超過8 600 場表演,吸引數以百萬的觀眾欣賞。」為鞏固香港國際文化藝術都會的地位,香港正全力推動西九文化區的建設,設施將包括多個博物館和世界級演藝場地,其中為推動粵劇和各類型中國傳統戲曲而建的戲曲中心今年稍後落成啟用。





五月十八至二十四日 萬錦市市政廳
六月十四至十九日 溫哥華公共圖書館
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