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June 18, 2019

Toronto ETO hosts Hong Kong Week opening ceremony and "Connect & Excel - Past, Present & Future" photo exhibition

The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (Toronto ETO) hosted the opening ceremony of Hong Kong Week and the "Connect & Excel - Past, Present & Future" photo exhibition at the Dr Hin-Shiu Hung Art Gallery of the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto today (June 18, Toronto time).

In delivering a welcome speech at the opening ceremony, the Director of the Toronto ETO, Ms Emily Mo, said the Hong Kong Week event under the theme "Connect and Excel" aims to promote Hong Kong's strengths, advantages and potential with an emphasis on the core values and attributes of Hong Kong, Asia's world city.

Given Hong Kong's high degree of connectivity, globally and with Mainland China and the rest of Asia, the city helps propel people and businesses to excellence in their chosen fields under a "Connect and Excel" theme. "Hong Kong's sound fundamentals not only relate to physical connectivity but also to financial, legal, scientific research and creative links as well as people-to-people connectivity," Ms Mo said.

Ms Mo also introduced the series of activities to be held in Toronto and Vancouver in the inaugural Hong Kong Week event organised by the Toronto ETO, which include the "Think Asia, Think Hong Kong 2.0" business conference to discuss how Hong Kong connects businesses between Canada and Asia, an academic seminar and a concert on how music connects Hong Kong and Canada, a Hong Kong-themed drama, dragon boat festival activities and photo exhibitions.

Entitled "Connect & Excel - Past, Present & Future", the photo exhibitions are jointly presented by the Toronto ETO and the Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto. More than 80 photos are being displayed to showcase Hong Kong's high degree of connectivity from different perspectives.

Among the photos, two newly commissioned infrastructure projects, namely the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Hong Kong section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link, which greatly enhance the connectivity of Hong Kong to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and destinations further afield in Mainland China, are featured.

The photo exhibition also showcases the many types of transport and world-class infrastructure in Hong Kong.

Ms Mo invited guests at the opening ceremony and the Canadian public to learn more about Hong Kong's connectivity by visiting the photo exhibitions and participating in other Hong Kong Week activities.

Today 's opening ceremony was attended by the Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Toronto, Mr Han Tao; Members of the Provincial Parliament of Ontario Ms Daisy Wai and Mr Billy Pang.

Before the opening ceremony came to a close, the guests were treated to a Chinese instrumental performance by four professional musicians from the Hong Kong Oratorio Society (HKOS). Led by the Music Director of the HKOS, Professor Chan Wing-wah, the HKOS will jointly stage a concert with Kindred Spirits Orchestra of Markham and the Vancouver Oratorio Society on June 22 (Toronto time).

The "Connect & Excel - Past, Present & Future" photo exhibition will run from June 15 to 30 (Toronto time) in various venues in the Greater Toronto Area and in downtown Vancouver. The dates and venues are listed below:

June 18-20 Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
June 18-22 North York Civic Centre in Toronto
June 18-30 Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library of the University of Toronto
June 24-30 Sunroom & Gallery, Robson Square, University of British Columbia in Vancouver

Other activities of Hong Kong Week include:

June 18 Seminar on "Connecting Hong Kong and Canada through Music" at
the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library of the University of Toronto
June 21 2019 National Conference themed "Think Asia, Think Hong Kong 2.0" at Hilton Suites in Markham
June 21 to 23 Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival in Vancouver
June 22 "Voices of the World" concert at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts in Toronto
June 30 Hong Kong-themed musical performances "Try to Remember" at Michael J Fox Theatre in Vancouver

June 18, 2019



多倫多經貿辦處長巫菀菁在開幕禮上致歡迎辭時表示,以「連繫全球 超越界限」為主題的「香港周」旨在宣傳香港優勢和機遇,並重點推介香港,作為亞洲國際都會的核心價值和特質。

「連繫全球 超越界限」彰顯香港聯通全球,與中國內地以及亞洲其他地區緊密連繫,有助各地人才發揮所長,以及促進商貿發展。巫菀菁說:「香港不但擁有先進的基建,連通世界各地,在金融、法律、科研、創意,以及人民交流等領域上,都根基鞏固。」

巫菀菁亦介紹由多倫多經貿辦首次舉辦在多倫多及溫哥華的一連串「香港周」活動,包括介紹香港如何連繫加拿大與亞洲商貿往來的「邁向亞洲 首選香港2.0」商務會議、探討音樂如何連繫香港和加拿大的學術講座及音樂會、以香港為題的話劇、龍舟節活動以及攝影展。

「香港:超越的傳奇」攝影展是由多倫多經貿辦及多倫多加中攝影會合辦,展出超過 80 幅照片,展示香港在不同領域的緊密連繫。





開幕禮結束前,嘉賓欣賞了一場由香港聖樂團四位音樂家合奏的中國器樂表演。由香港聖樂團音樂總監陳永華教授率領的香港聖樂團,將與萬錦市的Kindred Spirits Orchestra及溫哥華聖樂團於六月二十二日(多倫多時間)舉行音樂會。


六月十八至二十日 大多倫多中華文化中心
六月十八至二十二日 多倫多市北約克市政會堂
六月十八至三十日 多倫多大學利銘澤典宬
六月二十四至三十日 溫哥華卑詩大學洛遜廣場的Sunroom & Gallery

六月十八日 多倫多大學利銘澤典宬舉行的「音樂連繫港加兩地」講座
六月二十一日 萬錦市Hilton Suites舉行的「邁向亞洲 首選香港2.0」2019全國會議
六月二十一至二十三日 溫哥華舉行的協平世博龍舟節
六月二十二日 烈治文山演藝中心舉行的「美樂大同」音樂會
六月三十日 溫哥華Michael J Fox Theatre舉行,以香港為題的音樂劇「可曾記起」