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November 6, 2021

Hong Kong’s flourishing arts and culture scene features at Cathay Ball 2021

Hong Kong celebrating both Eastern and Western cultures and traditions has become Asia’s Cultural Metropolis, according to Ms Emily Mo, Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO).

Speaking at the Cathay Ball 2021 entitled “Caring Beyond Boundaries” organised by Mon Sheong Foundation, Ms Mo said that “art is also beyond boundaries”. “Just in this year when the COVID situation greatly improved in Hong Kong, our people were able to enjoy an array of performances and world-class events which demonstrate the city’s unique creative flair,” she added.

Ms Mo is delighted to update participants at the event that M+, the first global museum of contemporary visual culture in Asia, will be opened in Hong Kong next week. “Around 1,500 works drawn from the M+ Collections will be presented across thirty-three galleries in the museum,” she continued.

Ms Mo encouraged participants to discover the glamourous cultural side of Hong Kong when they plan their next visit to the city.

Participants of the event enjoyed a short video, entitled "Hong Kong – Asia's Cultural Metropolis", to have a glimpse of the flourishing arts and culture scene in Hong Kong, where an array of performances and events, from Cantonese opera to orchestra, lion dance to ballet, and public art to art fairs are occurring all year round. Besides, a drone video showing an exclusive view of the M+ museum’s spectacular interior, galleries and rooftop garden is being screened at the HKETO sponsored virtual booth.

November 6, 2021



巫菀菁於11月6日在孟嘗會舉辦的「孟嘗之夜 − 關愛無彊界」上致辭。巫菀菁表示,藝術也是「無彊界」。她續說:「香港的冠狀病毒病疫情已大致穩定,民眾可以外出欣賞琳琅滿目的世界級表演節目,這些活動都能展現香港的非凡創造力。」

巫菀菁亦向「孟嘗之夜」參加者簡介令人期待的亞洲首間世界級的當代視覺文化博物館,M+博物館,將於下星期在香港正式開幕。巫菀菁說:「約有1,500 件來自 M+藏品系列的作品,將在博物館內三十三個展覽廳展出。」


「香港 − 亞洲文化大都會」短片於「孟嘗之夜」活動內播出,與會者可欣賞到香港多彩多姿的文化藝術面貌,全年無休的表演節目和活動,由粵劇到管弦樂、舞獅或芭蕾舞、以及公眾藝術或藝術展覽。此外,香港經貿處亦在活動的網上展覽館內播放一段以航拍影片公開M+博物館宏偉的內部建築、展廳及天台花園的景觀,讓與會者先睹為快。