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November 16, 2021

HKETO supports the 13th Chinese Restaurant Awards

The 13th Chinese Restaurants Awards presentation ceremony was held at the Vancouver Club in Vancouver on November 16. This Chinese culinary awards aim to create a platform for cross-cultural culinary exchange, as well as to deepen the public's understanding of Chinese culinary influence. The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO) is a sponsor of the event.

Addressing at the presentation ceremony in a pre-recorded video, Director of HKETO, Ms Emily Mo, is delighted to share with participants that Vancouver and Hong Kong share a common feature that both cities have easy access to a mix of culture and authentic food.

“Hong Kong has been known as the food paradise. The wide range of cuisines, from local street food to world-class  top-notch restaurants, provide an exciting gastronomic journey for visitors to experience the rich diversity of Hong Kong,” Ms Mo said.

Noting the pandemic has brought significant and challenging impacts to all people in the last two years, Ms Mo is glad that food has served to bring people together during this hard time.  “It is encouraging that the Chinese Restaurant Awards continues to play an important role in supporting and uniting the Chinese restaurants together in the Greater Vancouver Area to brace through the adversity,” Ms Mo said.  

Before closing, Ms Mo expressed her thanks to the organiser for hosting the awards this year, and in fostering closer economic and trade ties between Hong Kong and Canada. Following the awards presentation ceremony participants were treated with some Hong Kong style pastries and other signature dishes at a tasting reception.

Since the inception of the Chinese Restaurant Awards in 2008, over 120 awards were commended for their outstanding performance and signature dishes.

November 16, 2021


「第十三屆中華食肆大獎」頒獎典禮於十一月十六日在溫哥華的Vancouver Club舉行,該中華食肆大獎旨在建立一個推廣飲食文化交流的平台,以及加深大眾對中華美食的認識。香港駐多倫多經濟貿易辦事處(香港經貿處)是活動的贊助機構之一。