HKETO Newsroom

April 22, 2021

HKETO Director supports SHNF Radiothon

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO), Ms Emily Mo, joined the annual “SHNF Radiothon” fund raising event hosted by the Scarborough Health Network Foundation on April 22.

In giving a live interview at the Radiothon, Ms Mo paid tribute to frontline workers and healthcare providers in Hong Kong and Canada for their dedication and professionalism, as both places have been combatting the pandemic tirelessly for the past year.

To effectively control the epidemic, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Government has been refining its anti-epidemic strategies in accordance with the development of the epidemic. “During the early stage, we deployed a comprehensive and co-ordinated approach with a view to achieving ‘early identification, early isolation and early treatment’ and hence cutting the transmission chains in the community as far as possible,” Ms Mo explained.

“Though the situation in Hong Kong has stabilised recently, we must remain vigilant. Stringent measures such as ‘preventing the importation of cases and the spreading of the virus in the community’ have been implemented to curb the spread of the virus," Ms Mo continued.  

Same as Canada, Hong Kong has also rolled out its vaccination program earlier this year.   With the concerted efforts of the community, Ms Mo is optimistic that both places can get through the pandemic gradually.

Before closing, Ms Mo appealed to the audience to support healthcare providers in fighting the pandemic and expressed her wish for more exchanges between Hong Kong and Canada in this regard.

April 22, 2021