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January 22, 2021

HKETO Director joins webinar to promote the Hong Kong platform for overseas businesses

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO), Ms Emily Mo, spoke at the 7th Annual Transpacific Entrepreneurial Virtual Conference hosted by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong-Canada Business Association (HKCBA) on January 22.  The conference discussed how Canadian entrepreneurs can make use of Hong Kong as a platform to expand their business into Asia and vice versa.

In delivering opening remarks at the panel session entitled "Accessing Capital in Canada & Asia", Ms Mo first introduced the unique business advantages offered by Hong Kong, including the city’s prime location in Asia, rule of law, free flow to information and capital, low and simple tax system as well as strong government support.

Ms Mo moved on to point out that Hong Kong offered a fertile start-up environment supported by various public and private initiatives which helped entrepreneurs turn great ideas into reality. “With its robust IP protection and full range of legal, financial and professional services, Hong Kong is Asia’s Core Business District serving as an operational base for over 9 000 overseas and Mainland companies, including 200 from Canada,” Ms Mo said.

As the world is battling with COVID-19 and economic recovery, Ms Mo remarked that China is the first country to reopen and recover, with a positive GDP growth recorded for 2020.  She added that trade between China and Canada recorded an increase in 2020.

Ms Mo highlighted the pivotal role that Hong Kong is set to play in China’s game-changing economic development strategies, namely the Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development. 

 “Our work in 2021 will focus on creating business opportunities through smart integration with these strategies, which can offer new and exciting opportunities for companies from Canada,” Ms Mo said.

Hong Kong is also an ideal gateway to grasp the business opportunities in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) markets. “ASEAN is Hong Kong’s second biggest trading partner in goods, and fourth largest in services.   Our Free Trade Agreement and related Investment Agreement with ASEAN can boost business and investment opportunities,” Ms Mo added.

“Besides the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership which was signed last November, will take the city’s regional economic integration to another level,” Ms Mo said.

Before closing, Ms Mo invited overseas companies, including Canada’s, to make use of the Hong Kong platform to tap into the vast investment opportunities presented by the mainland of China, Asia and beyond.

Moderated by the Royal Bank of Canada's Head of Wealth Management - Asia Mr Terence Chow, the panel session was also joined by other speakers including Managing Partner of Saltagen Ventures Mr Joseph Fung, Head of Investment of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation Mr Raymond Wong, and Head of InvestHK Canada Mr Christopher Chen who provided an overview of the public funding avenues through the different government funding schemes.

January 22, 2021




巫菀菁又指出,香港透過公私支援計劃,為初創企業提供理想的發展空間,幫助企業家將創意實現。她說:「香港擁有健全的知識產權保護制度及多方面的法律、金融及專業服務,是亞洲的商貿中心,亦是超過9 000間海外及內地公司(包括200家加拿大企業)的營運基地。」







小組討論由加拿大皇家銀行財富管理(亞洲)總監Terence Chow主持,其他講者包括Saltagen Ventures 創辦人兼執行合夥人馮尚賢、香港科技園公司投資總監黃賢敏及投資推廣署多倫多辦事處總監陳立智。陳立智在會上介紹香港特別行政區政府透過不同途徑為公司提供的資助計劃。