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May 21, 2019

HKETO Director hosts reception for I&T delegates from Hong Kong

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO), Ms Emily Mo, hosted a reception for Hong Kong Innovation and Technology (I&T) delegates attending the Collision Conference 2019 in Toronto on May 21.

In delivering the welcoming remarks at the reception, Ms Mo first gave an account of the vibrant start-up scene in Hong Kong. “InvestHK’s 2018 survey reports a significant increase over 2017 on all key parameters, with a total of over 2 600 start-ups (+18%), employing more than 9 500 employees (+51%) across 13 800 workstations (+120%),” she said.

The strong growth is driven by a robust network of incubators and accelerators, as well as the unique business advantages offered by Hong Kong including the free and open economy, pro-business policies, the bi-lingual common law system and the strategic location which make Hong Kong the most preferred destination for businesses, and the best gateway to opportunities in Mainland China and the rest of Asia.

Besides hosting the reception, Ms Mo also took the opportunity to visit the Hong Kong delegation, including 14 start-ups sponsored by InvestHK and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), at the Collision Conference 2019 held at the Enercare Centre in the afternoon. The Collision Conference is the fastest-growing technology conference in North America gathering many of the world’s most disruptive emerging technology companies, startups and investors. It aims to drive innovation and furthering global thought exchange. This year, the conference is held in Toronto from May 20 to 23 and expecting over 25 000 participants.

Three speakers from Hong Kong also spoke at the reception. They included Head of StartmeupHK at Invest HK, Ms Jayne Chan, who spoke on the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong, International Development Lead, Acceleration Programmes of HKSTP, Mr Francis Pun, who introduced how the corporation helps businesses grow and expand in Asia, and Mr Casey Lau, Co-host of RISE, who introduced this Hong Kong tech conference produced by the team behind Collision. In addition, Vice Consul and Trade Commissioner of the Canadian Consulate General in Hong Kong, Ms Michele Anderson, also extended welcome to the Hong Kong delegation to Canada.

May 21, 2019



巫菀菁在招待會上致歡迎辭時,首先向嘉賓介紹初創企業在香港發展迅速的情況,她說:「香港投資推廣署的二○一八調查報告顯示,初創企業在各主要領域均較二○一七年有顯著增長,設立初創公司超過2 600間 (+18%),涉及13 800個工作台(+120%)和超過9 500名員工(+51%)。」


除了舉行招待會外,巫菀菁下午亦到Enercare Centre舉行的二○一九多倫多Collision會議,與參展的香港代表團,包括14家初創企業會面,該代表團是由香港投資推廣署及香港科技園公司贊助出席這次會議。Collision會議是北美發展最迅速的科技會議,匯集全球許多頂尖的創科企業、初創公司和投資者。有關會議旨在推動創新和促進全球創科專才集思廣益。今年的會議於五月二十至二十三日在多倫多舉行,預計有超過25 000人參加。

在招待會上,亦有三位來自香港的講者,包括香港投資推廣署初創企業主管陳幗貞介紹香港的初創企業生態圈、香港科技園公司企業加速器國際事務主管潘文傑介紹香港科技園公司可如何協助企業發展及進軍亞洲市場,與及RISE共同主席Casey Lau介紹由Collision團隊在香港舉行的RISE科技會議。加拿大駐香港副領事及商務專員Michele Anderson 亦歡迎香港代表團到訪加拿大。