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September 14, 2021

HKETO Director attends Asialicious Carnival 2021

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO), Ms Emily Mo, attended the launching ceremony of the Asialicious Carnival 2021 organised by the Federation of Asian Canadians Toronto and the City of Toronto on September 11. HKETO is a sponsor of the event.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Ms Mo was delighted to note that Toronto and Hong Kong share the common feature of having easy access to a mix of culture and authentic food. “Like Toronto, one can experience an exciting gastronomic journey in Hong Kong (or the food paradise) at a wide range of restaurants from no-frills eateries to world-class Michelin-Star restaurants,” Ms Mo said.

“Hong Kong-style food like the milk tea, beef franks, egg tarts, congee, dim sum and Chinese-style BBQ meat were showcased at the Carnival,” Ms Mo continued. More than 100 food establishments and food trucks provided a wide variety of Asian cuisine for visitors to explore and taste the Asian food and beverages items at the event.

The three-day weekend Asialicious Carnival was held at Woodside Square in Scarborough from September 10 to 12. This annual event aims to showcase diverse Asian culture and heritage through a variety of food including Hong Kong style cuisine as well as activities such as a free movie night, a “Starry Night” variety show followed by fireworks, and multicultural performances.

September 14, 2021




巫菀菁續說:「亞太風味嘉年華展示了不少港式食品,例如奶茶、牛腩、蛋撻、粥品、點心和中式燒味。」超過 100 家食肆和流動餐車在活動現場提供各式各樣的亞洲美食,讓公眾品嚐亞洲美食和飲品。