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June 25, 2022

Director of HKETO visits Vancouver and Ottawa for business promotion

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO), Ms Mo, visited Vancouver and Ottawa from June 21 to 25 to promote Hong Kong’s unique role as the gateway to Mainland China and the rest of Asia.

Ms Mo called on President and CEO of Burnaby Board of Trade, Mr Paul Holden, and key members of the board in the morning of June 22 to learn about their efforts in expanding commercial relations between Canada, Hong Kong and the Mainland China as well as throughout Asia using the Hong Kong platform. Ms Mo then moved on to pay a courtesy call to City of Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley and had a lunch meeting joined by International Relations and Friendship Cities Committee city councillors James Wang, Pietro Calendino and Alison Gu to exchange issues of mutual interest.

In the evening, Ms Mo spoke at a networking event entitled “The New Era of Hong Kong” organised by the Hong Kong-Canada Business Association (HKCBA) Vancouver Section.  

When addressing at the event, Ms Mo updated participants on the latest developments of Hong Kong and pointed out the competitive advantages of doing business in Hong Kong, including financial system with free flows of capital, common law legal system, liberal immigration policies and global connectivity including individual membership of bodies including the World Trade Organization, World Health Organization and World Customs Organization.    

Ms Mo went on to say that Hong Kong is an ideal platform for Canadian enterprises to tap into Mainland China and Asia.  She highlighted Hong Kong’s unparalleled connectivity with Mainland China and the city’s integral role as laid out in the National 14th Five-Year Plan which supported the city's development in eight international centres and emerging industries.

Before closing, Ms Mo encouraged Canadian businesses to use Hong Kong as a base or partnering with Hong Kong to tap on the vast opportunities in Mainland China Mainland China and the rest of Asia.

During the stay in Vancouver, Ms Mo officiated at the opening ceremony of the “Beyond Borders: Traces of Hong Kong Stories” at CF Richmond Centre in the afternoon of June 22, and the gala dinner to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on June 23.

Ms Mo proceeded to Ottawa in early morning of June 24 and attended the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival held in the evening at the Mooney’s Bay Park. She introduced to participants that Hong Kong is the birth place of modern dragon boat racing and it has developed its roots in Canada that brings people from different countries together. She also remarked that the dragon boat racing signified the close relationship between Canada and Hong Kong.

Ms Mo returned to Toronto in the morning of June 25.

June 25, 2022



巫菀菁於六月二十二日早上與本拿比商會會長暨首席行政總監Paul Holden及商會的主要成員會面,了解他們如何善用香港平台發展加拿大、香港及中國內地之間的商貿關係。巫菀菁隨後亦禮節性拜訪本拿比市市長Mike Hurley,並與國際關係及友好城市委員會市議員王白進、Pietro Calendino及谷園共進午餐,就共同關心的議題交換意見。





在溫哥華期間,巫菀菁分別主持於六月二十二日下午在CF Richmond Centre舉辦的「超越界限:尋找香港故事」藝術展覽開幕禮及六月二十三日舉行的慶祝香港特別行政區成立二十五周年官方晚宴。

巫菀菁於六月二十四日早上前往渥太華,出席傍晚在Mooney’s Bay Park舉行的渥太華龍舟節。她向與會人士介紹香港是現代龍舟競渡的發源地,龍舟賽事已經紮根加拿大,並成為匯聚世界各地健兒的運動。她同時強調,龍舟盛事見證了加港兩地的緊密關係。