HKETO Newsroom

November 1, 2019

Director of HKETO attends Today Commercial Daily anniversary dinner gala

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO), Ms Emily Mo, attended the dinner gala celebrating the “Going Towards 15th Anniversary” of Today Commercial News in Toronto on November 1.

Speaking at the dinner gala, Ms Mo updated participants on the latest situation in Hong Kong and remarked that the city remained an open and internationally connected cosmopolitan city. “Despite recent disruptions in the city, please rest assured that the fundamentals and institutional underpinning Hong Kong’s economy and society are strong,” Ms Mo said.

Ms Mo moved on to highlight the advantages of doing business in Hong Kong and added Hong Kong has been ranked as the freest economy for over 25 years. “In 2019, the city recorded a 9.9 per cent increase over the 2017 figure in the number of business operations in Hong Kong with parent companies overseas and in Mainland China, and a 42.8 per cent increase in the number of start-ups over the same period,” she continued.

Before closing, Ms Mo encouraged Canadian business to make use of Hong Kong as their springboards to tap into the Asian market, while emphasising that Hong Kong will adhere to the “One Country, Two Systems” principle, and stop violence in accordance with the law.

November 1, 2019