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June 30, 2019

Director attends Hong Kong-themed musical performance "Try to Remember"

Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (HKETO), Ms Emily Mo, attended the musical entitled "Try to Remember" staged by Dramaone Vancouver at the Michael J. Fox Theatre in Vancouver on June 30. The musical is one of the Hong Kong Week events under the theme "Connect and Excel".

In delivering the welcome remarks before the evening performance, Ms Mo noted the two musical performances and relevant artistic talk held on June 30 marked an end to the inaugural Hong Kong Week under the theme "Connect and Excel", which promotes Hong Kong's strengths in different aspects.

Ms Mo explained that the theme "Connect and Excel" defines how Hong Kong’s high degree of connectivity, globally and with Mainland China and the rest of Asia, helps propel people and businesses to excellence in their chosen fields. "Hong Kong's sound fundamentals not only relate to physical connectivity but also to financial, legal, scientific research and creative links as well as people-to-people connectivity," she added.

"'Try to Remember' is an original play written by renowned Canadian Hong Kong Director Peter Poon and it presents many popular Hong Kong songs in the 1960s to 1980s, connecting the Canadian audience to the vibrant art and culture scene of Hong Kong in different eras," Ms Mo said.

Dramaone is a Canadian performing group founded in 1995 in Vancouver by a group of professional artists mainly from the theatrical field in Hong Kong. Over the years, the group has produced and staged many drama productions with an aim to enrich the cultural life of the people in the community as well as to enhance cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and Canada. The group established its Toronto Chapter (Dramaone Toronto) in 2017 and extended to Calgary (Dramaone Calgary) in 2018.

June 30, 2019


香港駐多倫多經濟貿易辦事處(多倫多經貿處)處長巫菀菁於六月三十日在溫哥華Michael J. Fox Theatre 出席由溫哥華一劇場主演的音樂劇《可曾記起》。該劇是以「連繫全球 超越界限」為主題的「香港周」的活動之一。

巫菀菁在當日晚上的演出前致歡迎辭,她表示在六月三十日舉行的兩場音樂劇和有關的藝術講座為首屆「香港周」劃上完美句號。這次以「連繫全球 超越界限」為主題的「香港周」旨在宣傳香港在不同領域的優勢。

巫菀菁進一步指出是次活動主題「連繫全球 超越界限」,彰顯香港聯通全球,與中國內地以及亞洲其他地區緊密連繫,促進各地人才發揮所長,以及促進商貿發展。巫菀菁續說:「香港不但擁有先進的基建,連通世界各地,在金融、法律、科研、創意,以及人民交流等領域上,都根基鞏固。」