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For Hong Kong Residents

Q:How to apply for a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card (PIC) if I am currently living in Canada?

A: Hong Kong residents living abroad can only apply for a PIC when they return to Hong Kong. Generally speaking, Hong Kong residents living abroad are not required to apply for a PIC unless they need to apply for a HKSAR passport.


Q: What should I do if I lost my Hong Kong Identity Card outside Hong Kong?

A: If you are outside Hong Kong at the time of loss, you must apply for a replacement card within 14 days of your return to Hong Kong.

To facilitate the application process, the HKSAR Immigration Department has set up the Registration of Identity Cards 24-hour Telephone Appointment Booking service (Tel: 852-2598-0888) which operates round-the-clock and offers advance bookings up to 2 weeks.

Applicants may also consider making an appointment for registration of Hong Kong Identity Card through the GovHK Online Services. They will only need to go to the ESD web site to acquire a wide range of services through a single interface.


Q: How to apply for a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction?

A: Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC) are issued by the Hong Kong Police. If you are applying for a Canadian citizenship, you will need to apply for a CNCC. Applications should be made in writing to:

The Commissioner of Police
(Attn.: EO CNCC)
B1 Floor, Trade and Industry Department Tower
700 Nathan Road, Mongkok

Hong Kong

For enquiries, procedures and documentation requirements, please visit the Hong Kong Police Force website or write to the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction Office, e-mail:, call (852)2882-8475, or fax (852)2882-3594.


Q: How to apply for the post of Administrative Officers?

A: For Hong Kong permanent residents currently living in Canada, they may consider joining the civil services in the HKSAR as a career option.

The Civil Service Bureau advertises latest government vacancies on their website. Every year, the HKSAR Government conducts recruitment exercise in Canada for the post of Administrative Officers. Those who are interested in such posts should watch out for advertisements to be published in overseas editions of Hong Kong newspapers in Toronto and Vancouver, or contact the Toronto / Vancouver office of the HKETO.


Q: As a Hong Kong resident, where can I seek help while travelling in Canada?

A: As the official representative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in Canada, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office offers assistance to visiting Hong Kong residents should they encounter problems or need to seek help while in Canada.

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