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Gateway to China: Why Go Through Hong Kong?

Why should you do business with Hong Kong? Below are the reasons:

Asia’s Most Popular City for International Business

  • Level playing field for all – no foreign ownership restrictions
  • Low, simple and predictable tax regime
  • No tax on off-shore income, capital gains, dividends, estate or sales
  • Rule of law and an independent, experienced judiciary
  • Free movement of capital, talent and goods

Location, Location, Location – “At the heart of Asia’s high-growth economies”

  • Within five hours of half the world’s population
  • Magnet for Asia’s financial, business and trading community
  • Asia’s leading aviation and shipping hub
  • Proven gateway to China’s high-growth markets
  • Adjacent to China’s fast-growing Pearl River Delta region

Dynamic People – “A ready pool of expertise, enthusiasm and talent”

  • Multi-lingual workforce – English is the language of business
  • Highly trained, flexible and motivated population
  • Experienced in travelling and working in Mainland China, and throughout the region
  • Familiar with the latest international business practices
  • Strong work ethnic – industrial action extremely rare

Cosmopolitan Lifestyle – “From housing and schooling, to bistros and beaches!”

  • Vibrant and varied expatriate community
  • Choice of housing, from in-town apartments to country houses
  • Nearly three-quarters of Hong Kong is countryside
  • 50 international schools from kindergarten to secondary
  • Wide variety of sports and entertainment

Hong Kong a Preferred Entry Point to China for Businesses

  • CEPA, a China-Hong Kong free trade agreement, allows local companies preferential access to the China market
  • All goods qualified as Hong Kong origin may be exported to China tariff free.

Simple and Competitive Tax System

  • Low and stable tax: maximum salaries tax rate 15%, corporate profits tax rate 16.5%
  • No goods and services tax

One of the World’s Most Competitive Locations

  • Liberal investment regime: Rated the world’s freest economy by the Heritage Foundation for 22 consecutive years in 2016; consistently ranked first by the Fraser Institute in terms of economic freedom
  • Open, outward-oriented economy
  • Free trade, free market, free flow of capital. No foreign exchange controls
  • Foreign talents, professionals and entrepreneurs are welcome

World-Class Infrastructure: Transport and Telecommunications

  • Premier logistics hub and springboard to Mainland China
  • Air, sea and road transportation models are well-developed and interconnected
  • Hong Kong International Airport named "Airport of the Year" by Air Transport World in 2016
  • A leader in information and communications technology
  • Has one of the highest concentration of hotspots in the world. Its broadband download speed is also the highest in the world

Leading International Financial Centre

  • Hong Kong has been in the world’s top five in IPO fundraising every year since 2002
  • Linked Exchange Rate System (US dollar peg) serves Hong Kong well as the pillar of monetary and financial stability
  • More than 70 of the world’s top 100 banks operating in Hong Kong

Strong Canada-Hong Kong Ties

  • Hong Kong and Canada signed an Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement in 2016
  • The Canada-Hong Kong Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement entered into force in 2013. A Memorandum of Understanding on investment promotion co-operation was also renewed in the same year
  • Hong Kong is Canada’s eighth largest merchandise export market in 2015
  • Three Canadian provinces have set up representative offices in Hong Kong: Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec
  • Five Canadian banks are operating as licensed banks in Hong Kong
  • Seven Canadian or Canadian-controlled insurance companies are authorised to operate in Hong Kong
  • There are on average 12 (6 round trips) direct scheduled flights daily between Hong Kong and Canada

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